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“I fell in love with jewelry at very young age. After studying product design and jewelry design, I started my own brand.

My love for both minimal and timeless design inspired me to create specciale in 2018.

I had a simple vision- design and make by hand- jewelry that I love to wear, and that’s what I did. I design and make each piece myself.

Specciale’s style is a perfect fusion between modern simplicity and traditional artisan design.” 

– Paola


We love to create perfect handmade jewelry to accompany you on your journey through life. 

To be worn alone or layered. 

We embrace the need for versality, mixing & matching and collectable pieces; your jewelry should be a unique expression of your personality.

Specciale focuses on craft and timelessness; Delicate jewelry made by hand, for living and to live with.

Pieces with asense of wonder, beauty and timelessness.

All of our pieces are hand fabricated or cast using a lost-wax casting process.Pieces are gold-plated or made from sterling silver.

Delicate and modern, sexy but elegant. 

This is what makes us different. Special handmade jewelry full of magic.

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