Summer is over, that season that we love so much, where we show the tan and the good contrast it makes with our favorite jewels. But there are endings that come to bring us something better... And well, we don't know if this fall will be better than summer, what we do know is that jewelry will continue to mark an important point in our look.

And we don't want you to leave any at home.

That is why today we want to show you some of our news. The new selection of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets that we have prepared so that they can also accompany you this season. We don't want you to stay without seeing them! We are sure that they will make your autumn a special time.


Our special jewel.

We already have too much with the fact that at this time of year it gets dark earlier, the colors are less cheerful and the sun shines less... We want the jewels to give it the color it is missing! Black goes with everything, and there is nothing better than carrying a bit of joy on your fingers. We have two favorites in our collection that are ideal for that: the ALEXIA ring , with three variants, so you can choose the color of the stones that best suits your style. On the other hand, the ANTONELLA ring , with several versions as well, with striking colors so that they can create light on a gray day.


We are not yet with a scarf in hand, nor on our necks, so it is the perfect time to wear incredible necklaces. Large, mixed with each other, to show it off with the little tan we have left... We have the perfect choice: our SUN MEDAL CHAIN . It is one of our most iconic necklaces, a piece with a lot of character to complete our autumn outfit.

It doesn't matter if you wear an open shirt with a neckline, a turtleneck, a basic T-shirt... This chain is perfect for any type of look, to create a trend and make a difference.


Jackets and blouses at the elbow, letting us still show the beautiful hands we have. To be able to show the whole world the selection of bracelets from the Specciale collection. And if it cools down, if the sleeve ends up being long... Put it on! Why not. The beautiful jewels are not to hide them. We are talking about, for example, our DANIELA bracelet. Available in silver and gold; the perfect size and width, to give our wrist what it lacks.

And if you prefer something simpler, and in colour, how about the CAROLINA model ? The perfect choice if you are looking for something fine and elegant. A bracelet with seven colored stones and a lot of magic.


Loose hair, collected hair, a braid, something special... Any hairstyle is perfect for wearing beautiful earrings. We want to show you our PESCE model . The best memory of summer, the best way to continue carrying the taste of salt and the sea breeze. So that it is always summer, and it doesn't matter what season we are in.

And we couldn't leave without telling you about our MONIQUE model . Elegance, beauty and simplicity in earrings. Perfect to fill our ear completely and give it a special touch.

Visit our website if you want to see the complete collection!

It does not matter when. It doesn't matter the day, the place, the company... The season of the year. It is always the perfect time to wear a jewel. To carry your jewel. A special, magical one that makes you feel unique.

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