Your special jewelry needs some love, but if you take care of your jewelry and follow some basic guidelines; Avoid chemicals, sun creams, body lotions, and perfumes directly on your pieces, as they can cause discoloration. Also avoid swimming, exercising and showering in your jewelry.

This is important, because our pieces are delicate and we cannot be held responsible for careless use or storage.

Do not wear jewelry in the shower, pool, or ocean. Keep perfume, sunscreen lotions, and other chemicals off your jewelry!

Avoid excessive light, heat or humidity which will deteriorate the quality of the plating.

After each use, gently wipe away makeup and oils from your skin with a soft cloth or our microfiber cleansing cloth. Store your jewelry clean and dry in a zip lock bag or airtight package.

Always store your jewelry individually in our bags or boxes to avoid scratches and scuffs. Sealed plastic bags are good at keeping air out and preventing rust when stored.