the story

My name is Paola, allow me to introduce myself. I am the designer and founder of Specciale, a brand that fuses both the simplicity of the modern and the handmade design . Although we are committed to a clean and minimalist design, we attach importance to continuing with the traditional, with the process of making traditional jewelry. 

I am 27 years old, and I have always had a special passion for jewelry . That's why I studied Product Design, and then I specialized with a master's degree in Jewelry Design. I've worked at two big jewelry brands, but I've always liked doing things my own way. That made me take the risk of starting something from scratch, that made me feel like it and took away my fears to create something that was mine. 

That's when I ventured out and created my own jewelry brand.

Specciale was born in 2018 , being a minimalist and timeless brand. Young, simple, different and with a special touch, that which makes it different. It was just that special touch that gave shape, and name, to the brand. The name of Specciale arose from that, from wanting it to speak for itself, and also have a personal meaning.

I have never liked the ordinary. I have greatly valued peculiarities, different things and people, with that special "something" that makes it unique . The personality, character and style that makes us different and special. All these qualities fit perfectly with the concept of jewelry that I like and wanted to design. Jewelry with personality, which when worn makes you feel and see yourself differently. 

When I decided to launch the brand, I was very clear that I wanted to design and create the pieces by hand . All the jewels are designed by me, and what inspired me the most, and still inspires me, to create them, is thinking about what I would like to wear. Jewelry that I would love to have . Sometimes I want to wear the same jewel to work and then to dinner, for example, and I don't have it... That inspires me to create them. Pieces that you can always carry , regardless of the day, time and moment that it is. 

At Specciale you can find jewelry with a sense of beauty and eternity. Delicate and modern. Sexy and elegant. Like all of us. Jewelry for a fifteen-year-old girl and also for a fifty-five-year-old lady . Being all the same, regardless of age. Women who can wear unique pieces that make us feel beautiful and special. 

Each one of the pieces is manufactured in a unique and careful process, so that they last forever. For this reason, the lost wax process is used, Sterling Silver jewelry carefully polished by hand and bathed in 3 microns of 18-carat gold.

In addition, each collection is named after a woman . This is to be able to feel identified with each of our pieces. Perhaps the jewel that you like bears your name, or perhaps that of your mother, grandmother, soul friend... Or simply that of that person you love so much or for whom you have a special affection. We have many women around us. Women who guide us, love us and give us the strength to continue. And they are all part of our lives in some way. Our idea is that, not only that we wear a jewel that we like, but also that it has the name of someone who remembers us, and that makes it even more special. Someone we can carry forever .

Our goal is for each of our jewels to be part of your day to day , fulfilling an important role in your personality . Giving it strength, value and difference. Without forgetting, never, that it is special.

We want every piece to count. That you feel unique with each one of them. And it doesn't matter what day it is! May you have jewelry for a lifetime. To feel safe and fill you with magic. 

Thanks for getting here. For visiting us and wanting to be part of the Specciale family.