We all know it, things are changing, everything is moving forward. We are better. Life is starting to pick up the pace again. This pandemic thing is softening... And we like it. We like the idea of ​​traveling again, of packing our bags again and traveling the world. Of dreaming, looking for a place, an idea, and launching ourselves. Finally we can put into motion all the desire that we had accumulated all this time.

The moment has come. And so. The time to travel, to go out there to eat the world. The time to visit a new place, and it doesn't matter what it is. A place that will become unique and special.

And we have chosen the star product. We have decided to launch the ideal product, the one you need, to accompany you on this new adventure.

Does something occur to you? Any idea what it could be?

Think. Something you can take with you on a trip. And no, we are not talking about a jewel... Although also. Don't forget this either! But now we don't mean that... It's something new. Something different on our website.

No more waiting! It's here!
We present you the new product that we have launched: the Specciale travel bags.

And it's not just any bag. It is the perfect bag for a weekend or to complete a long trip, either to the next town or to a different country. It is the bag you need to combine with your favorite jewels, and to always take us with you. Because as with our jewelry, it doesn't matter which place you want to visit, which company or the day you choose, our bag is ideal for every moment. No matter the destination, we accompany you the same!

Our travel bags are cloth bags, with a beautiful design. They have the allowed size to be able to take them on the plane, so you don't get detached from it for a second. They come with two short handles, and also with a longer one in case you decide to carry it hanging. And you can choose two colors, which also... Can be combined with everything! We have them available in both beige and green.

And now what do you say, what do you think?

In addition, we want the bag to not be just any bag, and to make it even better, we bring one more novelty. A novelty to make your travel bag more special. More personalized, with more detail, more you.

Yes, you imagine it well. We give you the option to customize it! To embroider your initials, or that of someone special. And who says initials, also says a name... It's up to you! But not

We want you to travel the world without our bag having a little more of you. It is ours, but we want you to make it your own.

What would you like to put on it? And what color do you like best? Now it's up to you to choose.

If you want to know more about this new product, do not hesitate to visit our website. There you can see the product better. More photos, more features and more details of the travel bag that you cannot miss.

What are you waiting for? Do not you think it anymore!


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